Executive Summary

Fall Internship – Jeremy Jensen

I worked at Access to Success virtually by helping them maintain their website remotely on campus. I work under Andrew Lovedale, the company’s president and founder. I learned a variety of hard and soft skills throughout the process. I learned and became proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, I learned how to conduct myself professionally (especially during Google Hangouts), and learned things like low-level HTML coding, design, and the importance of juggling work responsibilities and other responsibilities (in my case, college homework).

Some of the projects I worked on included creating slides for the website. I would use photoshop and a simple template to create slides to advertise upcoming events or new blog posts. I would do several iterations of certain ones to get the perfect picture and then post them through the website builder. One big project I did was create a slideshow for a donors’ dinner. It chronicled the entire company’s rise and also conveyed information about what was going on right now. Finally, I am currently helping redesign the entire website. This process has just begun but is taking off at the time of this writing.

As I mentioned above, I learned how to be professional especially in speaking. MY job didn’t require me to get dressed up because I was working remotely, but I did have to change the way I spoke to be respectful and professional. Also, I learned how to use different softwares like Photoshop and Final Cut. I had used them for class before, but this time I used them to create published pieces.

Because of this experience, I could see myself doing something akin to this internship in the future. I find the work challenging and engaging because it uses a variety of skills instead of just doing the same thing all the time. I feel that through this internship I have become more confident in the skills I have and more confident that my own thoughts about certain parts of the job are valid and useful to making a better project. I went to college and was taught how to do a job and if I can contribute my knowledge, then it can be helpful to everyone.

My major-specific classes gave me the skills I needed to get the internship and be successful at what I was needed to do. I knew basics about design, and Adobe software, and also how to be professional and proficient in different mediums. I do wish my major gave me more skill in computer-related things like web builders, but there are so many web builders that it would be impossible to do that in an efficient way.