Reflection on the Experience

My internship experience at A2S gave me more skills and confidence moving forward than I originally thought. I originally thought that this internship would just be another thing I needed to check off to get my degree and to put on a resume. However, the deeper I got into the experience, the more valuable it was proving to be. Yes, it was something I needed to do to graduate, and yes, it looks good on a resume, but it also taught me how life works outside of college and the responsibilities that come with being part of a company.

This internship was very deadline driven throughout the entire experience. As a Journalism major, everyone brings up how deadline driven the field is. I always thought that I seemed odd that people said that because I figured that every job was deadline driven to an extent and that this job is no different. My internship showed me the subtle nuances between a deadline driven job and a “non-deadline” driven job. This internship was very deadline driven and it was sometimes tough to meet those deadlines when I also have college work on top of whatever task I was assigned to do. There were many late nights putting together pieces and posting to the website, but it showed me the kind of work and preparation necessary to create a great product and I think that aspect of the job gave me a taste of what working life will be like for me.

One thing I really wanted to learn about while working for A2S was what it is like working for a non-profit. I have talked to many people at Messiah who said they want to work for a non-profit sometime after they graduate. I never really felt that pull, but after working for A2S, I could definitely see the appeal. The more I worked with A2S, the more I was moved by the work that they do in Nigeria and how by even just running the website, I felt like I was part of a bigger purpose. It really made me feel less like an intern who did things here and there, but it made me feel like a contributing member of an organization dedicated to making people’s lives better. That thought always gave me the extra passion and rive I needed to really enjoy the job.

Overall, this internship taught me many things that I did not originally expect to learn about. I learned some new software skills, some work skills, some time management skills, and I even learned more about myself and where my strengths and weaknesses lie. I hope to take this experience with me into the workplace upon graduation and use the skills I learned to serve another company in the same way I served A2S. This was a great internship experience and I hope that by working there, maybe some other Messiah student might consider applying for the position and learning about this great company.